Linear Text

Linear Text

Lorem ipsum dolor Linear Text video TEXT IS LINEAR The video is basically about how technology is used differently when your using HTML

Earlier websites were written in HTML. HTML was designed to define the structure of a web document. it is a structural element referring to "paragraph


  • is a structural element referring to" list item". Text is unlinear when written on paper. Digital text is different and more flexible and also movable hyper text can link. I recognize that all the text is written in HTML for everything and that I can find a way to put it in HTML because we are the ones controlling the machines the video clearly states that we the humans are the machines. the words after "Rethink" mean? Look them up.

    copyright-such material authorship-the fact or position of someone have written a book
    identity-the fact of being who or what a person
    ethics- moral principles that govern a person's group behavior,br> aesthetics-a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty, esp. in art,
    rhetoric-the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, esp.
    the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques.
    governance-the action or manner of governing
    privacy-the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people
    commerce-the activity of buying and selling esp. on a large scale
    love-an intense feeling of deep affection
    family- a group consisting of parents and children
    ourselves-be oneself
    These words all have to do with the world of digital text.

    Content and form are two different things, which relates to Linear text. Content is the title of the document and the page source. Content is actually what is written. Form differs between whether or not we are writing a poem, novel, biography. It is the description of what our literature is stating. Therefore form would be how I write and content would be what I write. In the video I saw how the content changed and how the form of the display was provided. The form and content work together. When writing in linear text we are more in control. It's our choice to whether or not we will write in bold letters. We are in control of the machine. We are the ones who use different applications back and forth teaching the machine. Every time we click a different button the machine is changing. This is because we teach the computer something new every time we use it.
    Rethinking schools are very important. Simply because no student should be able to fade away. It doesn't matter whether or not cell phones or other technologies are in school. Just like the video I saw this world as of today is made up upon technologies. Teachers are to prepare students not only for college but for life, and the world ahead of them. Teachers need to help students shift academically. In this video Its not about memorizing facts for life or being tested on a certain subject. Its about finding out whether or not the student is capable of finding information, validating, synthesis, and communicating. Form and content are generally more connected in the digital world of writing and reading.
    This is because there is more technology being produced. Technology helps student's because they are able to change the way they write and receive better ideas.
    These ideas help them become creative, which is where the form of writing takes place. There are different types of writing to choose from. When speaking about rethinking school it's not only about students. Its about teachers, academic, and the communication of a student and teachers relationship. There have been so many changes in literature, which have enhanced my progress as a writer. I am able to change the form and content of any piece of my literature. Since there are so many factors of linear text, I am allowed to change, refrain, and distinguish my writing to whether or not it is a poem or anything else I seem to write. It helps me because instead of just writing a regular essay I get the opportunity to change and decorate my work. The fact is linear text is changing the digital world and I have witness a change in mys own writings.
    © Kimberly Vanderburg 2011